Cosmetic Grading Definitions

Cosmetic Grading Definitions
All units are fully tested and 100% functional with a 90-day warranty*. Macbook and iPad warranties are eligible to be extended to a full year!


Brand New

The Item has never been used and is flawless from any cosmetic blemishes**.
These units might have been used very lightly and may show ultra light signs of use. Light surface abrasions may be visible on outer casing from setting on desktops and sliding in and out of bags.


Very Good Condition:
These units show some use, but not abuse. They may have small dings, scuffs, minor dents, (normal wear and largely unnoticeable when unit is in use), and/or scratches from prior use, but are in better than average condition.


C Grade Condition:
It’s about what’s on the inside, not the outside! While the casing may have scratches, nicks, and/or dents, the screens may show key marks (normal wear and largely unnoticeable when unit is in use), these units are still fully tested and 100% functional.






*Cell phones carry a 30-day warranty

** Item may or may not be in original retail packaging, see item description for details.